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How to choose your holiday villa

Choosing your Holiday Villas

The best way to ensure you have a perfect holiday is making sure you start by selecting the right type of accommodation for your needs. If you want to be in the centre of town close to the beach or night life then booking searching for a town house or holiday apartment would be the best holiday search option.
The following travel guide information will help you select the holiday accommodation from the Trusted Villas site that best suits your holiday requirements which will help you have a good holiday.


- Types of holiday accommodation -

Do you know what type of accommodation you would like?

- Villa:

Treat yourself to the luxury of a villa with pool, a home from home. A good choice for large families and parties with small children who wish to share the holiday experience and split the cost.
Booking a large villa can be very cost effective for large families or groups and save you money against booking separate hotel rooms and having to eat out every night can add a large cost to your holiday.

- Town House:

Immerse yourself in the local life and stay in the town next door to everyday life. You can find out the best and cheapest places to eat or visit by chatting to your neighbours.
Why bother booking a hire car when everything could be on your doorstep, take a morning stroll out to the local cafe for breakfast and take a walk around the town.

- Apartment:

In the middle of the town or why not book an apartment with a balcony view over the sea or on the beach front. Have your morning coffee watching the sun rise over the horizon far out to sea.

- Rural Retreat:

Get away from it all, and stay in the countryside and enjoy the country life. If you do not want to be close to the busy tourist areas and want to enjoy walks in the countryside then you can book some large rural villas at a fraction of the cost that you would pay if it was located on the coast.
You do not have to be far from civilisation to get away from it, you can be staying in a luxury villa a few minutes drive from the airport and still enjoy that rural retreat.

- Accommodation Facilities -

- Pool:

Do you want your accommodation to have a pool in a shared apartment complex or do you wish a private villa with pool. Let the kids meet new friends round the pool and get out of your hair whilst they entertain themselves.

- Privacy:

Do you want the privacy that a rural property can offer or do you want to stay where all the action is and go out every night?

- Night Life:

Do you want to stay in an apartment in the centre of the town close to the bars and restaurants with only stumbling distance home or do you want a quiet night’s sleep ready for a long days sunbathing?

- Local Life:

Do you want to live as the locals do? Renting a townhouse or apartment in a local town or village can let you experience the life of the locals, shop in the local stores and eat out at the best small tavern.

- Space:

Do you need space, for a family or large group? Will you need space in you holiday accommodation to entertain or let the kids have room to play in your holiday villa or will you be out all day and night and only use you apartment to catch up on a bit of occasional sleep ready for the next night out.

- Accommodation Location -

- Away from it:

Get away from the crowds and stay in the countryside, enjoy some spectacular views over the rural areas.

- In the middle of it:

Stay where all the action is so you can get home easily at the end of a good night out. Book a holiday apartment on the beach front or in the middle of town and be close to the night life. This will allow to you easily nip home to freshen up after dinner and change into your evening outfit.

- In the Mountains:

Holiday in the mountains far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Would you like to stay in one of the fabulous national parks in a protected environment how nature intended it to be?
Please note that your holiday accommodation booking will be made directly with the accommodation owner or agent and not with Trusted Villas. Trusted Villas accepts no responsibility for accommodation bookings made

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